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You know him as a new face on the horizon but this man is not new to the Music scene! Formerly known as “DJ Bam Bamm” of SPI fame and one of the original “IDRC Pool DJ’s of NYC. He has re-invented himself as the artist now known as DJ Tei1013!




DJ Tei1013 has come a long way since the beginning. Starting his DJ career back in the old school when everyone went to the USA Roller Skating Rink in Edison, New Jersey. The evolving club scene was mainly growing from within the skating rinks at the time, so Tei made that natural transition as well. Along that journey DJ Tei1013 enjoyed residencies at such clubs as Poor Billy’s in Woodbridge, NJ, Mingles in Sayreville, NJ, Club 35 (formally known as Club Abyss) in Sayreville, NJ and finally ending at the infamous Club 357 in New Brunswick.


DJTEI1013 Part 6


After gaining notable experience and recognition as being a dominate part of the NJ club scene. DJ Tei1013 was able to secure prominent bookings in some prestigious clubs in NYC. Including but not limited to, The Tunnel and the Sound Factory. (as seen on MTV)




After years of following his dreams as a DJ, Tei1013 decided he wanted to serve his country in a different way by serving time in the Armed forces. Since his accomplishments as a DJ, he has gone on several deployment tours, Three in Afghanistan and 1 to Iraq. Having the insatiable drive within him for music and DJing, Tei1013 has decided to pick up where he left off and make a resurgence back into the music scene. Having the natural ability to rock any crowd DJ Tei1013 will bring the experience & soul back to the mix.




DJ Tei1013’s release of Sounds of a Soldier Productions is his foundation for this re-launch back into the music industry. This release is a truly astounding mix with extreme ingenuity and soul.


DJTEI1013 Part 10


DJ Tei1013 is a household name you will surely be hearing allot more from in the near future!


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